7 typical mistakes made by Apple Watch users

7 typical mistakes made by Apple Watch users

The Apple Watch has become an essential accessory in the lives of many. This is the most requested watch, and those of Cupertino managed to do what no one had achieved before, to take these devices once and for all seriously. Apple launched its 5th generation last September, and yesterday we learned that the Apple Watch Series 4 is the most successful.

But now, you should know that like any electronic device, your smart watch needs precise care, and we don’t mean cleaning it regularly. There are probably things you are doing wrong with him, so we invite you to discover them so that you can remedy that series of evils that lurk your precious watch.

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This is all you shouldn’t do with your Apple Watch

Do not keep the software updated

That is, you should pay attention to the pending updates for the watch. Apple takes them out periodically and they are the best way to avoid errors, excessive battery costs or somewhat erratic operation. Knowing if there are pending updates is very simple, you just have to go to the Watch app on your iPhone, and then General> Software update. Remember to send the update with the Wach connected to a Wi-Fi and with the charger on.

Let it load infinitely

The Apple Watch battery may have a different behavior, depending on the way we use it, whether or not we make many calls with it, or even if we are in hot climates. You will have noticed that in summer the battery life is shorter and that we usually leave it charging all night. It is advisable not to eternalize the charging processes , heat is the enemy of any battery, and more in an article of such small size.

Do not remove dirt

More if you do sports activities with him. Body sweat can block the crown’s rotation and make it harder. Cleaning the Apple Watch is very easy, place it under a gentle stream of warm water and rub with clean hands. Then, dry it with a microfiber cloth and it will look like new.


To think that it is unbreakable

Indeed, the Apple Watch is a very resistant device, but accidents happen. The best way to avoid them is to take it off when you think there is a chance of damaging it. Soccer match with friends? Better stay on the bench. Climbing or cycling? Better take it off. Or if you think you can’t go without it, a good screen projector or even a shockproof cover , they are really effective.

Use it only to see the time

If there is something I like about this wearable, it is its ability to do much more than show the time or wake us up. I use it to pay, to be attentive to the level of environmental decibels, to talk to him on the phone with the headphones on, to control Spotify, to make me an electro… Do not limit yourself only to the time and the 2 basic nonsense, it’s all a world to discover.

Do not change sphere

I recognize that I am a restless person and I get tired with relative promptness of the spheres, so I change them frequently. Each of them admits many customization patterns, it is amazing how many colors you can apply in the same sphere. Therefore, dare to change and give it a new look. When I do I have the impression almost brand new watch.

Do not take advantage of health options.

Many have been the times in which we talked about the lives saved by this watch. Therefore, it is interesting that you have updated your medical data, your emergency contacts and the detection of falls. Apple has taken all this very seriously, so you could do the same, don’t you think? Check all these options that the watch offers you from time to time.

How is your level of zeal with your Apple Watch? For all this and more, make your smart watch an essential accessory in your day to day.


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