Always wear Rashguards under the Gi: This is why

Always wear Rashguards under the Gi: This is why

For some people, it occurs late for others; they realize it instantly. Whenever they start something, they ask many questions. As a BJJ instructor, students often ask me why you wear rashguards under gi? The BJJ rashguards are often worn inside Gi. 

A BJJ rashguard is something that will keep you safe. If you don’t worry about fashion, you can wear a rashguard with spats. You might not look that cool but at least it will preserve your health big-time. 

Stay Hygienic with BJJ Rashguards

BJJ and other sports like this are unique. It is worth mentioning that the majority of the time is spent on the mats, and to get the body in proper shape hygiene is something that needs to be managed appropriately. 

In my opinion, there are no other sports where all the points of the body are touched to the ground. This means that it is required that hygiene must be managed appropriately. 

The good thing about BJJ is that when you wear the rashguards, it will be easy for you to manage and stay safe. Everything that you will do will lead to something and when you take care of your health, it will be easy for you to build the stamina and everything that you need for the match. 

Why should you wear BJJ rashguards in the first place? 

The thing with Custom BJJ Gi for you is that it will be comfortable to wear rashguards under it because you’ll always have some extra space that will give you the ease of movement even in your best BJJ gi. 

When you are faced with a fearsome competition, the only thing that matters is that you’ll have to fight without showing any signs of weakness on the mat. When you wear BJJ rashguards, it will be easy for you to manage things without worrying about other aspects of the fight. 

One primary reason for wearing BJJ rashguards is that at times under the Gi, you will feel uncomfortable and restrictive. This is where the rashguards will help you. I am sure you can sacrifice a bit of comfort if it is giving you good health and everything that you need to keep you fit throughout the tournament or even the training. 

Your Skin will be safe

This is, of course, an obvious one. When you wear the BJJ rashguards, it will protect your skin at all costs which means that you will not have to worry about any skins problems that some people get while they wear their Gi without any rashguards. 

Can you even imagine rolling down the mat without any protection for your skin? I cannot imagine anything like this. You are not just competing against human competition. What you’ll be getting are nasty bugs that can create a problem for you. It would help if you looked into that before you do anything about the training. 

The BJJ rashguards will make it possible for you to add a layer of protection under your skin which means that you will have a solid barrier between your skin and the bugs. This thought alone is enough to make you feel relaxed about having a rashguard for yourself. 

No more Friction injuries

If you want something solid, then this is the essential advantage that you’ll get when wearing a BJJ rashguard. A guard for anything is there to protect its master. When you wear the guard, you are not just wearing some random layer of clothing. You are wearing something that will keep you safe. 

And most importantly, you’ll be wearing something that will create frictionless motion under your clothing. So, in a way, it will be easy for you to go for it without giving any second thoughts. 

In the end

It is all about protecting yourself from having any infections or anything else on the mat. When you wear the rashguards, it will be easy for you to move around without feeling worried about getting a skin problem or anything near to it. You’ll only focus on your game and that is great. And it is worth mentioning that when you wear your  BJJ rashguards know that you are wearing it for protection and nothing else, so it is okay to relax on the mat during the fight.

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