Animation In Digital Marketing: Types And Benefits

Animation In Digital Marketing: Types And Benefits

In past few years, digital marketing has skyrocketed as the most famous type of advertisement in the world. Moreover, most of the professionals around the world widely regard it as the primary source of advertisement active today. Considering how it has taken over the world of internet marketing, many aspects of it rules the online world. Such as content marketing, affiliate marketing but mainly video marketing.

Additionally, out of all the types of video content in digital marketing, animation has been the primary source of content. Why? Because of its cost-effective efficiency, animation is the prime solution in video marketing today. However, to understand marketing with animation, one needs to understand animation itself.

What Is Animation?

Animation is the art of depicting an idea and providing it visual means with moving pictures. Frame after frame, animation forms a seamless transition from one pixel to the next making a video. This manipulation of pictures and making them appear lively is what we know as animation. The following are a few types of animation active in the digital marketing world today:

  1. 2D Animation
  2. 3D Animation
  3. Whiteboard Animation
  4. Animated Explainer Videos

2D Animation

What was widely known as hand-drawn animation a few years ago, 2D is the traditional and one of the oldest types of animation. In recent years, computer generated vector images that form an animation by adopting traditional animation techniques are also 2D. Vector-based animations are computer generated 2D animation, which utilize the same methods as conventional animation. Exclamation from computer is required in making up for the absence of physical objects in 2D.

However, digital marketing began utilizing it in the late 90s considering the low-bandwidth back then. It was mainly for making animation for websites, like music players. Nevertheless, in 2005 when adobe purchased flash, it really went sky-high in demand and capabilities. Additionally, YouTube started gaining momentum around the same time and now there are tons of 2D animations available there.

Because of its elfin nature and cost-effectiveness, 2D animation is one of the keystones in video marketing today. Additionally it consumes little to no time in the making. Therefore, it is one of the most beneficial type of video content in digital marketing.

3D Animation

3D animations are three dimensional videos or objects, which prove one of the realest form of animation available today. Often regarded as CGI (computer generated image), 3D animation is one of the primary sources of video in the world today. From films to television, its uses are wide and vary from type to type. Initially, digital sculpting makes an object or laser scanning (if a real life object is required in the video), then the video is formed around that object.

One can almost imagine how that would benefit a product or service. Because of its versatility and visual appeal, 3D animation has become one of the most pivotal tools in video marketing today. Besides, Animation Studios In Los Angeles report 3D videos possess a high retention rate along with greater ROI compared to other types of animation.

Whiteboard Animation

The presentation of images or texts slide after slide while providing information with narration or just text is what we know as whiteboard animation. Depending on the type, whiteboard animations are not always just images or text spread on a white sheet. Because of its versatility and ease in making, whiteboard animations provide viable substitutions for time-lapse or stop-motion videos.

Considering the rising demand of viable means to provide information regarding a product or company itself, digital marketing has found clever ways to utilize whiteboard animation. Additionally its versatile nature serves many different types of businesses spread across many different industries. Moreover, the simplicity of it provides an impeccable touch of abstinence to any name in digital marketing.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are not necessarily limited to animation. However, the primary explainer videos are in animated form. Providing information sometimes using whiteboards while mainly using the traditional 2D or 3D type of animation, explainer videos are one of the most pivotal tools in digital marketing today.

However, like any other animation video, it begins with the script then the forming of the actual animation. Depending on the type, the music or narration voice-over is put into place before completion. Once ready, digital marketers use it across plenty of different platforms and extract it in any way, which deems possible.


Considering the rise of demand for visual content in digital marketing, videos are the primary go-to solution for many. This is why animation prove the best possible solutions because of many reasons. One, they are cost-effective and do not cause much hassle financially as a live-action advertisement or any promotional material. Two, they provide unmatched efficiency in the digital world and are widely popular. Therefore, animation is the primary tool when it comes to video content in digital marketing.

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