Consumers Expected to Embrace Mobile Payment Apps this Shopping Season

Consumers Expected to Embrace Mobile Payment Apps this Shopping Season

Based on several, analysis it is gathered that this year in the U.S a wide number of the customer will prefer to indulge in Mobile payment apps. It indeed is intriguing to find out that the highest consumer base drastically drifts will towards digital wallets and mobile payments apps. As the holiday seasons have begun to kick in it is incredible to see that these thanksgiving retailers have taken a more aggressive approach in providing discounts. In such a manner that the retailer and shopper are pursuing various manners to best provide more deals. Deals such that shoppers can conveniently purchase especially since there is a short span left to navigate shopping malls and big box stores. 

Today the level of pressure has risen to whole new heights as developers have to ensure many aspects when indulging to create an app such as mobile payment apps and digital wallets. Even though mobile payment apps have been introduced for quite a few years but now in recent years, it is best being implemented by the people this year. On this subject, Adobe Analytics has gathered data for this year. This analytics has gathered to show that approximately more than half of the retail purchases in the U.S alone will be driven by consumers who will shop from their Smartphones. 

The analysis represents that a major amount of money will be spent on purchases made through smartphones/ apps as they out strive the expenses that will be spent on brick-and-mortar stores. Schreiner the Director of Adobe an expert shed light on this subject by stating his insights in an email, “that this year during Christmas it will be experienced for the first time where Americans devote more and more time towards their smartphones rather than spending time on their desktops.   

As per the data analyzed by Adobe providing in the information that it is expected that this year mobiles will be accounted for almost 57% of the expected holiday shopping traffic in contrast to the collective 38% online shopping that is made through tablets and desktops. The comprised total holiday shopping revenue is estimated a total of $143.7 billion sales will be made this year in the US while the past year in 2018 the entire spending estimated on gift purchases which were $126 billion. 

Smartphones are helping to enhance additional traffic towards stores with almost 37%. Several surveys and respondents have stated that they do plan to indulge in online purchases and then further go and pick up the stores. According to the current trends, it is quite vividly clear and evident that retailers are wanting to provide a smoother and attractive mobile experience as it is important to play the aspect in their best manner during the holiday seasons. It is commendable on how this year retailers took an early jump on the sales for holidays that initiated aggressively even before Black Friday. 

The discounts this year began to even float or flaunt earlier this November however researchers even added that from the 6th annual Verizon Holiday Retail Index shows that the results have been quite underwhelming. This data had come to light that even interestingly has to steer a buzz even before the holiday seasons. As “The e-commerce traffic to data represents that shoppers are not as anticipated of the holiday season as formerly the holiday spirits use to kick on”.  

This analysis also provided data by Michele Durpe from Verizon who is the Vice president of Retail/ Hospitality and Distribution. Data from Verizon index reports expected that this year e-commerce traffic has dragged as low to the point of 9.3% throughout the period of 11th till 17th November which is much lesser than last year where the heights were experienced throughout the beginning of the days of the month through the Thanksgiving Holiday seasons. To which Durpe had also informed her thought on which was, “So the question is whether the attempt to drive early shopper engagement and growth has been effective or is it creating Black Friday fatigue, with shoppers still hoping that Black Friday deals will ‘stand up’ this Friday”.

She also shed light on that in order to pick up the pace and buck up the performances based on the former year’s forecasts. It has now become important to strengthen the retail and online sales performance to make up for the former the previous drain. Verizon has followed that throughout the holiday shopping season as broadband networks until the point to the top 25 online retailers that are established in the U.S.

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