Differences between Custom Web Design and WordPress Templates

Differences between Custom Web Design and WordPress Templates

A website, today, is one of the most important elements in any company worth its salt. It depends on that first impression that a potential customer has of us. Therefore, when it comes to giving it the right appearance, one of the most frequent doubts moves between choosing a custom web design or using pre-designed WordPress templates.

But how to choose the right web design? Are there differences that can mark this decision? Given these questions, I have decided to carry out this article with which to help you make the choice that most interests you.

Next, we will see what factors can help you decide between a custom web design and the use of WordPress templates, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each case. Do you have everything ready to take note?

Now, I will help you decide between custom web design and WordPress templates.

Factors to decide between custom web design and the use of templates

In the creation of web pages, design is one of the most important points. It will depend on the first impression that a user has of our website: its layout, the use of colors, it’s easy and intuitive use … etc. Therefore, before creating a website, it is logical that we are struck by the doubt between requesting a custom web design or using WordPress templates already manufactured.

But what can this decision depend on? Here I summarize the main factors that will help you get an answer:

Project Urgency

If you go against the clock or simply do not want your website to be delayed excessively, the balance opts for the use of templates. The time that a custom web development can last can greatly exceed that of the templates, since everything starts from scratch.

However, with the use of templates, specifically WordPress templates, which are the most widespread, you will have a functional web design in a short time.

Price to invest

This is another variable that usually has more weight in the development of a website. Logically, a custom web design will always be more expensive than the use of templates, where we will have the free variable (and less recommended for business) and a payment variable whose price will always be lower than that of a custom web design.

Degree of customization

This third point can decline your scale towards custom web design. And you will not find a greater degree of customization than with this option. If what you are looking for is a completely unique website that reflects every aspect and idea you have in mind, it is undoubtedly the best decision.

You will not run the risk of another animation company or business having the same appearance in the digital world.

Bet on web positioning

Today, the SEO positioning determines the success or failure of a business on the Internet. Being in the top positions of Google searches when a user wants to find the products or services we offer, is essential.

And does design influence this web positioning? Of course! An attractive appearance coupled with a friendly, practical use and with the functionality of accessing it from any device, makes a difference. Therefore, a truly optimized custom web design will always be a more favorable option for SEO.

Static or dynamic pages

Do you have in mind how you want your professional web design to be? Will the pages that compose it be dynamic, where they will need constant changes? Will they be fixed and static?

Depending on the answer you give to these questions, the choice between custom web design or use of templates will be clarified. If you need a constant update of the pages of your website, then the use of WordPress templates will facilitate the administration of it. If you do not need so much change, a custom web design is just as comfortable for your administration and with the plus of that exclusivity that the templates do not offer.

Advantages and disadvantages of custom web design

Once we have seen the main factors that determine the choice in the design of your website, we will see the advantages and disadvantages of both options. We start with custom web development:

Advantages of custom web design

  • Total exclusivity in the design
  • Fully oriented to SEO positioning
  • Functionality in all browsers and devices
  • Greater control of the web
  • Improve the user experience

Disadvantages of custom web design

  • It is more expensive
  • Its development takes much longer

Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress templates

On the other hand, we cannot forget the use of templates in website design. And it is that this WordPress path is one of the most used by many businesses and entrepreneurs who find in their advantages enough reasons. Let’s see them together with their disadvantages:

Advantages of using WordPress templates

  • Much faster implementation
  • Least expensive project
  • Large number of plugins developed for these templates
  • Easy handling and administration

Disadvantages of WordPress templates

  • Exclusivity is lost (other websites may have that template)
  • Not all templates may be updated
  • Not all work on all devices

The best web designs

Have you clarified your doubts about the differences between a custom web design and the use of WordPress templates? Probably now your doubt lies in how to get the best design for your website and implement it in the proper way.

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