Gaming Industry Revenues in 2019

Gaming Industry Revenues in 2019

The gaming industry contributes a lot to the world’s economy. Thousands of people have employed because of this industry in different job disciplines. And are earning a lot from this sector. There are jobs if different levels for many people. A lot of entrepreneurs had been invested in this industry, and that investment proved to be very profitable for them. Because everyone loves to play games, and the present era is of science and technology. Technology has changed the face of the gaming industry completely. With time, this industry is becoming more and more advanced, and revenues from this industry are increasing exponentially.


If we talked about the income of the gaming industry in 2018, so it was the US $ 138.7 billion. And now, the prediction is that this revenue will increase up to $US 152.1 billion. In 2018, there was an increase of 10% in the income of the industry. And this year, it will increase with the same percentage. Many new, games, and hack such as critical ops and critical ops hacks had been introduced. Critical ops hack iOS is for Apple users. Such kind of hacks also contributes to the revenue. And they got popularity to a very great extent. Therefore business done by the gaming industry this year was incredible. There is a prediction of more unusual and astonishing revenue in 2020.


  • 53% of games developed for PC and Mac.
  • 38% of games developed for smartphones and Tablets.
  • 27% of games developed for PS4/Pro.
  • 24% of games developed for VR headsets.
  • 22% of games developed for Xbox One/ Scorpio.
  • 13% of games developed for the Web browser.
  • 7% of games developed for Linux.
  • 5% of games developed for AR headsets.
  • 4% of games developed for Apple TV.
  • 3% of games developed for Nintendo Switch.

These were the percentages of games developed for different devices in 2019. Games for smartphones took up 34% of revenue in 2019.


The following are some games that are released in 2019.


This game is released in 2019. Death stranding was proved to be the best selling the game in Japan because 185,909 copies of this game had been sold. In 2018 this company reported the revenue of US $ 3.8 billion, and there is a probability of an increase of 10% in revenue this year.


This game was released in January 2019. And it earns incredibly positive reviews from all over the world. It is for PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Five million copies were sold in the first week of its release. This game was the bestselling game of the series.


It is the latest game of 2019, released in August. It is revealed that there is a generation of US $ 17.7 million in revenue. Moreover, this game also earns many positive responses.

The revenue of the gaming industry is increasing exponentially every year. And it sounds good.


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