Important tips to consider for animating videos

Important tips to consider for animating videos

Animation industry has grown immensely, it has surpassed all expectations that we had a decade ago. And now, anything can be brought to life by the help of adept software’s that have been specifically made to cater animated videos. However, that too can be a challenging task to fulfill, especially given the competition we have to face due to the increasing demand of animation.

However, in order to create an effective animation that stands out you should consider following certain tips that include;

Starting from the basics

Animation might appear easy but it’s not as it seems to be. Especially when you have to create characters based on real life with realistic movements. And in those cases, it is best to understand the psychology behind the motion and how physics acts up on it. To perfect your skills you will be required to practice till your hand becomes accustomed to forming certain shapes and movements.

This might sound archaic but in order to create video animation online with human like characters, it is best to make use of pen and paper rather than jumping to gadgets. This will give you an opportunity to understand and implement the concepts of rendering, perspective and how light sources act on inanimate objects. Once that has been covered, you can revert back to the gadgets and use them to understand the transitioning from one frame to another. The best method to understand that is to develop an animation on squash and stretch; where an object returns back to its previous state after being thrown away or pulled.

In short, you will grasp onto the concepts of gravity acting upon 2D and 3D objects.

Using reference from your surrounding

In manner to conceptualize your animation you will be required to seek inspiration from your environment. Whether its to witness movements that are often unnoticed or models that can guide you to draw human anatomy.

However, you are going to be your best teacher. More than those tutorial videos that you might find online and for the same reason you can choose to observe yourself by the help of videos and cameras and mimic those within your animation. That will assist you at comprehending how movements are ruled by emotional states.

Not only will this enable you to create animations that are captivating but engage your audience’s attention into them, allowing them to relate to the reality behind a screen.

Positioning the frames in order

Animations are based on several frames joined together to form a single video. Each frame has been drawn and worked on separately, when looped together they overlay one another, forming a systematically transitioning animated video. Although, the key factor over here is to decide which frame goes first and which goes last.

For example, witnessing an animated character that lands first and then jumps afterwards is going to appear unrealistic and unappealing. Which is why its crucial to showcase visuals in an order that they convey a story or a narrative without the need of an audio or text.

It does not end there, another factor to keep in focus is to combine frames that complement one another. You cannot jump from one concept to another, both of which display individual narratives. But rather, its best to opt for frames that link to one another and when collectively used represent a deeper meaning.

Over exaggerating the story

What makes an animation different from all the other mediums is its ability to over exaggerate and yet make it seem as if its real. And that is what makes it fun to watch, engaging the viewers by spiking their interests and eventually forcing them to think out of the box. Whether the animation was created for an older person or a kid, it does not fail at catching the eye.

For example, when a metahuman lands on the ground after a drastic fall from a high rise, the ground splits open and forms a crater. Animation gives space and freedom to artists to express themselves without boundaries or confinements. They can explore and build their thoughts, giving them a physical form that can be sensed. 

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