Monitor, Restrict and Control Access To The Internet of Your Users

The rate, reliability and ease of access where business can disseminate details are the main driver for corporate success. Communication may be the essential answer to a global that demands immediate results. If used effectively, the data highway referred to as Internet can quickly maximize corporate visibility, increase productivity and touch an enormous audience with relatively low expense. Advertising, email promotions, webinars, software downloads, support an internet-based commerce are the tools that may be implemented with relative ease. The Web has explore modern living. Forward thinking companies have accepted this effective global medium to speak their message and work. Just about any business presently has an internet presence.

The Web is yet another supply of real-time information, news and entertainment. Surfing the web has turned into a favorite pastime of individuals of every age group. Most companies are usually resigned that workers are sometimes using company sources during business hrs for private use. Social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are regularly utilized during work hrs. There’s an enormous chance of misuse, abuse and productivity loss. Some employees become so hooked on “remaining connected” using their buddies it becomes harmful for their work. The Web is really a vast realm of unfiltered and unedited information. It may expose huge numbers of people including minors to gambling, substance abuse, pornography, hate literature and violence.

Statistics from various respected sources indicate a vital requirement for internet control measures. Worldwide Data Corporation believed that 30% to 40% of worker Internet use is not work related. Nielsen/NetRatings reported 92% of internet stock buying and selling is carried out in work during work hrs and 46% of internet holiday shopping happens at the office. Another shocking statistic from SexTracker claims that 70% of Website traffic to Internet pornography sites occurs between 9 am and 5 pm. Within the U . s . States, real cost loss estimates vary from 1.75 billion to more than 2.5 billion annually.

Communication managers should have a handle on the internet usage practices to be able to gage bandwidth needs, monitor and control browsing activity and secure their business intelligence. Educational facilities, government departments and general business can derive huge advantages of calculating and policing Internet usage. Possibly of increased importance, monitoring of communications might help identify intrusions and highlight tries to steal, hack or sabotage corporate ip.

Internet control is just area of the total picture. Managers require a unified communication management arsenal. Productivity loss from misuse of a mix of popular communication facilities for example non-business telephone and mobile calls, personal email, hiding behind voicemail and internet browsing may cost companies half an hour to 2 hrs each day per worker. If each business proprietor extrapolates these bits of information according to lost salaries and chance cost the figures are staggering.