Optical Glass Windows

Optical windows or optical Glass window is flat transparent and transmissive plates that function to protect the laser environment or sensors from outside environment effect. This Optical glass window is a group of optics that have been designed and manufactured for use in different laser applications. Optical components used for more general purposes may be manufactured from more common glass types and may have broadband coatings or be uncoated to be compatible with many different wavelengths. Laser optics materials and coatings usually contain more exotic materials which are used to optimize the component for the specific design wavelengths of the application and this is because lasers typically have very narrow wavelength ranges or wavebands. At a certain wavelength range, there is a range of transmission that is obtained. Depending on the application of the optical glass windows manufacturers have to take into consideration bfactors like, the transmission, refractive index, hardness of materials, and optical surface are Very important. These Optical windows have their application over a wide range of sectors like in industrial, research, medical, life science, instrumentation, defense, and security, including beam steering or material processing, and academic. Laser Optics use specific substrates, coatings, or a combination of the two to provide superior performance at specific laser wavelengths or over a range of wavelengths. Many Laser Optics feature laser damage thresholds designed for pulsed or CW lasers. Using a Laser Optic that has a lower laser damage threshold than what the laser requires can lead to damaging the Optical Component in the system. Optical Glass Windows is used before the working area to protect high-quality laser optics from material splatter. These windows have an anti-reflex coating for the laser beam and in rare cases can come with anti-reflection coating. Most of these Optical glass winding has an anti-reflective surface and this surface acts as a protective shield in front of the optics. This optical glass window is monochromatic(Monochromaticity means that, in comparison with all the other electromagnetic radiations, the particular laser generates), with a definite direction, coherency, and high brightness. They also come with a wide range of transmissions. At Alpine research optics you can get the besoit of lens optical.

Types Of Optical Windows And Application

Infrared Windows(IR)

IR window is used for viewing electrical switchgear through safe ports. The laser window provides a safe and observable surface through which to view an industrial lasers optics or laser system from a safer point.

Silicon Windows

One major turn up that the silicon laser glass window have is their low density which makes it ideal for optical systems, where weight is an important factor, and the major component used in the production of this window is silicon. This type of Optical Window has a variety of applications such as amplifier slabs, discs, rods, debris shields, reference surfaces, and intelligence surface and reconnaissance.

Sapphire Windows

Sapphire Windows comes with an extremely hard surface that is resistant to chemicals.  They transmit Wavelengths like that from UV or Mid-Infrared but are thinner and Stronger than Standard Glass Windows. Its Anti-Reflection Coating covers a wavelength range of 400 – 5000nm. They are resistant to heat.