Reason to consider mobile/web applications for a business

Reason to consider mobile/web applications for a business

Everyone knows that mobile application traffic is growing rapidly, but few people know how to deal with it and for which niches it is relevant. The share of mobile traffic in UAE is approximately 40%. What does this mean in terms of a particular business? 40% of users who potentially want to buy something from you, perform a search from mobile devices. Almost half of the market remains outside the field of your influence if you do not have a mobile version of the site, adaptive layout or mobile application. These users are able to grow your sales at times if you work with mobile traffic, and not persistently ignore it.

But is it worth it to spend money on a mobile application or enough adaptive layout? Will the mobile application solve the problems of your e-commerce project and what can be solved with its help? In which niches is the mobile application relevant? Answer to all of these question can be given by App developers UAE. Such developers not only guide you about everything, but also create imposing and amazing mobile applications for you or for your business. 

A mobile application is expensive.

You often hear that a mobile application is expensive, and it is truth. But let’s admit to ourselves that the site is also expensive, and its maintenance and its promotion is expensive as well. In general, “expensive” is not a metric for business, another one works here – profitability.

Perhaps, there are several topics of online stores for which a mobile application will be a good investment, such as clothing, cosmetics, food, books. For example, shipping slate through the application is absurd, do not succumb to mass hysteria. By exploring the analytics of visiting your site, as I described above, you can highlight one or two categories in a mobile application, if it is really relevant for you. A mobile application is a working tool, but it’s not a kid who is suitable for everyone and it is important to understand this.

How to promote something?

Already at the time of creating the application, it is necessary to prepare a promotion strategy and a media plan. This is important not only from the point of view of determining budgets, but also from a technical point of view.

Promotion of mobile applications begins with the competent implementation of codes – a tracking system, settings for tracking screens and conversions within applications, adding a Facebook code. Any addition of code is time, time for implementation, and time for the store to upgrade. So these issues are best resolved before the active promotion phase begins.

An application is considered successful when it is viral – distributed through the recommendations of the users themselves. This is a relevant metric not only for gaming applications, as users are accustomed to trust the recommendations of their loved ones. The ability to share content from the application in your Facebook feed is a type of earned media familiar to everyone.

Mobile apps make you rethink quality

Mobile applications to a much greater extent than desktop and Web applications are evaluated in terms of user perceptions of quality. In this situation, high quality no longer simply means no errors. To assess the quality of a mobile application, you need to look at it from different angles. It is necessary to take into account both external (usability, performance and content) and internal (operational quality and safety) aspects.

A thorough assessment of the quality of the application is extremely important, because an application that does not meet the expectations of users can harm the entire brand. Mobile app stores and social media provide customers with an excellent platform for bad reviews, and switching to competitor apps is easy and cheap.

Developers always have to balance between usability and other quality indicators, but usability is paramount in mobile technology. For better or worse, today compromises regarding the quality of the application are evaluated differently than in the past, which inevitably changes the idea of ​​developers and business managers about “high quality”.

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