Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Customized Marketing Strategy

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Today, as the economy becomes increasingly competitive, companies are looking for ways to break the clutter. Customer is still the king, and in order to get the king on your team, you now need to go the extra mile. The buzzword now is customization. In the old days, marketing was limited to airing a generic ad on TV or sending a print ad to magazines. And while it was pretty effective, it doesn’t work anymore. Every business needs to come up with a customized marketing strategy to grab the customers’ attention and drive up sales.

To better understand why customization is extremely important, let’s have a look at the following points: 

  1. A Customized CRM System for Your Customers’ Convenience 

Customer relationship management software is extremely useful in giving your customers the power to carry out their daily tasks. However, each business has its unique customer relationship management requirements. A multinational e-commerce company would want to facilitate its customers differently from a local shop that sells clothes. The more customized your portal would be, the easier it will be for your customer to navigate, making them want to stay loyal to your brand due to convenience. 

Your customer relationship management is also going to be a huge data source. What your customers like and dislike is all going to be recorded via your customized customer relationship management. You can gather this data, analyze it, and make recommendations to further improve your client’s experience. Companies usually pay hundreds of dollars to get hold of such data so that they can make their customer’s journey easier. But if you’ve invested in your own customized customer relationship management software, you won’t have to buy this information as it will be stored as a by-product of your software. 

  1. A Customized On-site Chat Option to Keep Your Customers Happy
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You may be wondering how a live chat feature counts as marketing. You need to understand here that marketing is more than just advertisements and social media promotions. It is also about keeping the customer happy and delivering what was promised to the customer. Retaining a customer is also one of the key goals of marketing. And customer retention can only happen if they’re genuinely happy with our service. No matter how easy your website is and how elaborate your product description is, some customers will always have certain queries and questions. You could have an FAQ section but let’s be honest;nobody makes an effort to read them. What you can instead have, for better customer satisfaction, is a customized live chat feature. This will be available 24/7, so your clients won’t have to wait long hours to get a response. Their queries will immediately be answered. This chat support will be catering to every customer’s problems individually. You can also add a feature of different languages. This way, the client can pick their preferred language and talk about their problem. This is an added layer of customization. It will definitely ease your customer’s efforts and make them want to use your services more often. 

  1. A Customized Webpage for Different Devices 
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How your landing page looks to the customer makes a great difference in how they will perceive your products and services. One thing people tend to ignore is the language they use; it should be simple and easily understandable. Also, if you have a technical product offering, try to avoid any industry jargon and dumb it down to a layman’s level. Another thing to be mindful of is the layout. Different devices have different frame sizes and your website should fit the frame. The three main types usually are a mobile, computer or laptop, and a tablet or iPad. Your main buttons such as contact page, cart (if you’re in e-commerce), product/service should all be visible on one page so that the customer can easily navigate to their desired section of the website. 

And when paying attention to detail, also keep an eye on the colors and fonts, and images that you’re using. Research suggests that various styles and colors have a different impact on the audience and can be used to further customize your website’s outlook. 

  1. Customized Communication for a Personalized Touch 

There are many touchpoints that a business can use to have direct communication with its customers. Back in the day, this was fairly simple. You had to run a discount promotion on your products and customers would come flocking in. But today, before running an ad, you need to consider multiple factors. You should understand your target audience and come up with a communication tactic that appeals to them. 

Companies use messaging, email, social media recommendations, and website top picks to communicate with their customers. When sending out an email or text promotion, if you use the customer’s name in the opening, your communication will become way more effective. Similarly, e-commerce sites today take permission to use your browser cookies. And based on that, they make suggestions of products that the customer may be interested in. You must have seen websites have a “top picks for you” section. That is generated based on the client’s past purchases and internet history. 

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About the Author

The author is an experienced professional digital marketer. She has worked with Kallen Media and says that their team is specialized in digital marketing for different businesses, especially e-commerce. The author has published various blogs about how digital marketing is revolutionizing how companies interact with their clients. She believes that digital marketing is the future and wants to help every company, no matter how small, establish itspresence in the digital space.