Reasons Why You Must Opt For A Video Content Marketing

Reasons Why You Must Opt For A Video Content Marketing

If you put a glance on the history and how people have been getting amused and entertained you will find one thing constant- visuals. Either in the form of printed newspapers with black and white ink to the viral memes and GIFs on social media platforms. People spend hours on social media platforms streaming videos. This is the most evident depiction of what visuals do to the viewers.

Considering the far-reaching effectiveness of videos, marketers came up with a new form of marketing that is video content marketing. I this type of marketing you can engage your audience thereby delivering the core message of your brand. You can spread the information about a new product launch and can teach the viewers about how to use your products.

Highlights About Using Visuals 

As per the statistics, around 75 million people watch videos every day in the US. Not only this, If you mention the word- video in the subject line of your email, you can give a boost to your conversions up to 13%. The use of smartphones is increasing and it’s evident from the fact that nearly 50% of the videos are streamed through mobile devices. In addition, the marketers suggest that in the year 2020 more than half of the traffic will be generated through mobile devices.

Increased Engagements 

Videos tend to create greater customer engagements than any other form of marketing. As per the research, around 1200% of the total responses were generated through video content shared on many social media platforms. You can create an emotional impact on your viewers and keep them completely indulged. 

Traffic, Sales and Lead 

Videos are a great tool to create sales. It can generate more than 15% increase in the overall SERP. The only requirement here is to create videos using engaging flair. You have to work just like the way professionals offering Wikipedia writing services. You have to stick to originality and reliability. If the video is added into the website, it can accelerate the traffic and maximize the appeal of your site. In addition, you can maximize the revenue generation up to 49%.

Stimulates Curiosity 

The brighter side of video content is to keep the viewer fully indulged. You have to add such creative aspects that can boost the appeal and engaging flair within your video. A video makes a viewer stick to the end and discovers the real purpose of the video. You have to map the entire journey of your viewer professionally making him spend more time on your video.

Instant Attention Seeker

Visuals have the appeal that grabs the attention in less than a second. A single picture can garner a lot of attention towards a subject and product. It can accelerate engagements and double the outcomes. You have to add aspects that can make the viewer spend more time on the video. It be graphics or text, you have to pick the right strategy to create a video that gets viral on the internet in a blink. 

The Use Of Visuals 

It be social media platforms or any other marketing asset, visuals have this unignorable appeal that enhance the online visibility of every platform. On social media sites, the use of short lived stories are a clear sign of how much inclined people are in taking visuals as a means of communication and expression. It is now being used in many different forms from memes to GIFs to social stories. One just cannot stay far away from viewing visuals every day. 

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