The internet is crowded with marketing platforms which are at a constant battle with each other, everyone is aiming for the best spot online, and only some brands and businesses make it to that place. Creating a place on the first page of Google’s search engine is no joke. It requires a great deal of patience and tolerance for a business to device and follows an SEO strategy. 

Search engine optimization requires a technical understanding, along with time and patience; the results that you acquire are not an outcome of an effort that you put in for a day or two. This is one of the main reasons why most people get discouraged when they think about connecting with an audience online as SEO based branding strategies focus on increasing the quality and quantity of the traffic that a website receives by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to the audience online. The quality of content plays a significant role in making an SEO based marketing strategy work perfectly. However apart from that, there are other factors which play a role in highlighting your business online.

Launching a business website is only the beginning of the significant work that you will invest in making your website visible and prominent online. A quick return on investment is only possible if you keep up with the current SEO trends and strategies. So without wasting any further let’s look at the trends and techniques that you need to follow for making your brand appearance more visible online. 

  1.  Influencer based marketing:

Influencer based marketing is highly encouraged. Hiring or partnering with an influencer can help you in generating and directing more traffic towards your website. You will be able to build valuable backlinks, and you know that backlinks are essential tools for evaluating your website’s ranking. There are a few things that you need to consider when you are connecting with an influencer. 

  1. Know the type of content that you are sharing and the type of market that you want to attract. 
  2. Think about how you can link your collaborative content to your website. 
  3. Make sure to partner with an influencer who creates content that’s relevant to your field

If you are working with an influencer who has a substantial presence online you will not only be able to improve your brand’s awareness, but also you will be able to generate leads and boost your search engine’s rank. 

  • Security is a significant card to play: 

User safety is a considerable concern, and it is essential. If your potential customer does not feel safe on your website then there is a chance that the person will not visit your site. Especially if a “not secure” warning appears when they click on your website’s link then there is a chance that they will not go to your platform. Therefore you need to pay extra attention to user security. You can work with Wikipedia page creation service providers for making your web appearance more reliable, apart from that there are a few other things that you should do: 

  1. It is essential for you to enable HTTPS protocol for your website. It will allow you to give a secure connection to your clients. 
  2. If you are collecting any information from your user via web forms, then you have to be accountable for the information that they provide. 
  3. Avoid using third party cookies for collecting and tracking your user’s information. 

Data security is one of the major concerns for people, and you have to make your platform secure for creating your user trust you. 


Apart from the mentioned trends, there are many other methods, tools and techniques which can be followed for making your presence online. However the suggested two ways are often overlooked and underestimated, and therefore you should study them a bit more in details for implementing and acquiring desired results. 

Umair Sami is a SEO, and Digital Marketer who knows how to excel in every domain. He is currently working as a marketing expert in the reputable company which is a combination of his academic degree and his passion of Search Engine Optimization. He worked his way through many internships as an SEO in the early stages of his career and now works as a manager in the company.

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