Speed up your PC and gain more quality time with family and friends!

In the age of technology personal computers (PC) are truly a human’s best companion and major support system. There are billions of activities we perform on our PC’s in our daily lives, whether its making important business presentations on the job, having hardcore gaming sessions with the gang or reaching out to your loved one’ s through videos call and especially during COVID-19 allowing our children to keep up with education through online classes. Computers are an integral part of our lives and its utilization has made us more productive yet dependent. Just like us humans, our PC’s also require maintenance and frequent check – ups in order to make sure that they stay productive and don’t die on us, and when they are not treated properly these machines can be mean and stressful. Imagine moments when somebody is in a middle of a very important business meeting and suddenly internet slows down or on a Sunday afternoon group of friends having an intense gaming session and about to take the win and suddenly PC drops the frame rate, or someone recently made an online purchase and later that day realize that the account balance is empty because some greedy hackers took out all the hard-earned cash because of lack of privacy setting on the PC! Therefore, in order to avoid such circumstances and to regain more quality time with your friends and family, the system needs Advanced SystemCare 15 by IObit.

IObit is a company founded in 2004 is an expert in providing PC Health solutions. It offers consumers innovative system and security software for superior PC performance and security. It is a well-known household and recognized industry leader in PC optimization achieving 100 awards and more than 500 million downloads worldwide.

One might wonder that when it comes to finding a solution for a PC’s health and optimizing its performance, all it requires is an Anti-virus; well it’s not true. There are tons of other tools and features which are highly essential to optimize the overall health and performance of your PC. In this case, Advance System Care 15 by IObit is perfect. Is it?

Advanced System Pro 15 is packed with tons of features and user-specific optimization tools/suite which enables the user to boost the performance and offer a security shield against unidentified online threats. This software is available to download for free with a basic protection system and also has a paid version with some extra features. The free software can easily be downloaded through the company website www.iobit.com and in order to upgrade the user can simply purchase the pro version and by entering the license key the is easily upgraded to pro version. The software fairly consists of an easy-to-use interface, and its prime function starts by pressing the scan button found under the care section. The software allows the user to scan the entire system or any specific portion of the system that needs to be analyzed. The free version only offers basic scanning whereas after paying the premium, it will allow the users to get access to the fixes the software might suggest. Overall, there are two modalities, AI and Manual mode, the manual mode is user specific and allows users to choose options to enable, while in AI mode optimization takes place automatically based on the status of the PC. The Advance System Pro 15 is juiced with tons of features as shown in the table below:

Features Details
Privacy Sweep Removes Windows and browser history (files that were recently accessed, etc.).
Junk File Clean Deletes any junk on your computer that remains from old Windows processes or uninstalled programs.
Shortcut Fix Inactive or unavailable shortcuts for desktop files, programs, and other relevant items will be deleted.
Registry Clean Deletes virus remnants, unnecessary shortcuts, and uninstalled program Windows registry keys.
System Optimization How you use your PC is what this Pro version feature concentrates on. “Server,” “Office Work,” and “Daily User” are some of the activities that the tool will allocate resources for.
Internet Boost This is another function that’s only found in the Pro version of Advanced SystemCare. It stabilizes your network and accelerates internet speed by prioritizing bandwidth and choosing the best channel for your area.
Registry Defrag Your registry performance will be optimized.
Disk Optimization Optimizes hard drive so that frequently used data, programs, and files can be accessed in less time.
Antivirus Protection Advanced SystemCare will either ensure that your own antivirus program is fully operational or use its own program to prevent malware and viruses.
Firewall Additional feature for better security that will ensure your existing Windows Firewall protects your devices from potential problems outside your network.
Hardware Health Updates hardware drivers
Software Health Outdated software will be identified and updated.
Spyware Removal Detects and removes programs and viruses designed to spy on browser and/or computer data and usage.
Security Reinforce Your system will be scanned for possible areas that viruses or hackers could take advantage of. Any Windows features that could cause privacy breaches are deactivated.
Vulnerability Fix Finds problems with your existing Windows installation. They are fixed, enabled, or disabled as needed.
Disk Check Analyzes hard drive performance. Errors and failures are identified and corrected.

Overall, Advance System Pro 15 does wonders for its users in various domains, like speeding up system through hardware accelerator (automatically updates drivers), Turbo Boost (frees up additional RAM by turning off background processes), Startup Optimizer (allows user to choose which programs to start when PC turns on); Projects Real-Time Tuneup (shows CPU optimization and RAM usage widgets); App & Toolbar Cleanup (allows user to remove less utilized apps & browser extensions); System Protection; Browser Protection (Safeguards E-mails, Removes unwanted ads, Ani Tracking, homepage advisor etc) and tons more features to optimize the overall performance of your PC.

As a final verdict, the Advance System Pro 15 is a modern and effective one-click kind of solution for its users, packed with plenty of useful features but also comprising some secondary features added to upsell the overall product. Nonetheless, this software definitely and significantly improves the PC performance and enables the users to overcome the nightmare of bad performance days and also genuinely assures its users with high level of protection to keep them stress free and keep the users performance effectively all day long.