Top 5 Social media apps in 2020

Top 5 Social media apps in 2020

In the past years we have observed that there has been an explosion of users who have been using social media apps. The number of users all over the world using social media apps have now crossed billions and is expected to increase even more in the foreseeable future.

The social media industry has taken over the world by a storm and most news that hits the traditional media is after the world has already seen it on social media. In fact there have been thousands of occasions or in fact millions of instances when the news was present on social media only and the traditional media failed to or avoided to cover that news. So, the presence of social media has now become a necessity for us all and social media is a very important part of our lives.

The app development industry is growing on the growing number of internet users all across the globe. According to some reports by an app development company in Texas the total number of people using Facebook exceeded 1.1 million users by the year 2017. Now, this number is only of people who are using Facebook and other social media sites in that state will definitely make the number of users’ way more. And then think about how many number of people might be using social media apps by 2019 all over the world. I’m quite sure the number of users will exceed a billion.

The top five social media apps in the year 2020 are as follows:

Facebook: With billions of users all over the world Facebook can be said to be one of the most used apps in the world. The Facebook app is probably one of the most successful apps the world has ever seen with over a billion downloads. Every year Facebook is generating billions of dollars in revenues and the app has made it easier for its users to use it.

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The app provides every possible function that a person would want from a social media app. You can post pictures, videos and create personal accounts and public pages and blogs on this app. The app is extremely engaging and user friendly and even a lay man has no trouble using the Facebook app nowadays.

Instagram: Again this is also one of the most successful apps of our time and the number of Instagram app users has gone up to millions and more by the end of 2019. This app is not only an app that an average person uses every day but most businesses are also using this app to connect with their audience using the Instagram app. Instagram is by far one of the best apps being used as a tool for marketing by many businesses all over the world.

The number of users of Instagram app are expected to grow even more with the coming of the new decade and this will definitely make the Instagram app one of the most used and successful apps of all time.

Snapchat: Snapchat app is also one of the most engaging apps of our time and has made its mark in the world of social media apps over the period of time. The user base of Snapchat is also in billions all over the world and this also makes this app as one of the best apps of all time. By 2019 Snapchat app was amongst the most popular apps of all time and is probably going to keep its position as one of the best apps in the year 2020.

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