Video in content marketing – a heroic guide to create and select video formations

Video in content marketing – a heroic guide to create and select video formations

Video has become an everyday element in the life of every Internet user. It attracts millions of users every day. Therefore, it is an effective tool for promoting companies on the network. In this article, we will talk about the role of video in content marketing and how to create and distribute it. To begin, consider the benefits of video content.

Why should video be used in content marketing?

According to statistics, if a video is present in an email, then its conversion is increased by 200%. The presence of video on the site page also increases traffic by 150%. It increases trust and loyalty. If you make a video in which tell about your brand, product / service, employees and the process of work, then show your audience yourself as original as you can. This will certainly increase the credibility of your company.

As you know, on average we only remember 10% of the text we read. The use of auditory and visual channels while receiving information increases memorability up to 70%. An audience is likely to remember important information about your company by watching a video than by reading a text. By creating high-quality and interesting videos for your target audience, you will undoubtedly attract attention. This can be product reviews, interviews with experts in your industry, presentation of a new product, etc.

If you are creative in approaching the process and shooting a catchy video that will benefit your audience, be prepared to share it. One click can turn into thousands, the video will begin to spread on the network, which will positively affect your progress.

All these advantages show that videos as well as illustrations play an important role in the content marketing strategy and can bring hundreds of new users to the site. If you have a technical mindset and you know how to create video and illustrations yourself, go ahead and make some for your business and its promotion. However, if you have no knowledge about creating video, animation or illustrations, you just turn to any expert. Whether you want video, an animation or you want your book to be illustrated, you can count on the experts out there. Childrens book illustrators can be hired in order to bring attraction to your story book. Many famous authors do the same thing and make their book one of the bestselling books. 

However, there are many factors that influence the success of video marketing. Below, we will explain in detail how to create and effectively distribute video.

How to create an effective video – goals and objectives

When setting goals, it’s important to first of all understand that the video should be beneficial for your audience. This principle formulates the problem. But if at least one mistake is made in this process, the use of video in content marketing will become useless. Here are the most popular errors

Intrusive advertising of your product

If you shoot a video in which the main emphasis is on your product, users will evaluate it as regular advertising. The emphasis should not be on the product, but on the user. A video with useful information will bring much more effect than a story about the benefits of your product / service.

Video too complicated

Many marketers want to tell everything in one video at once – about the company, about employees, about the product. This is a gross mistake, because most users will have a mess in their heads after watching this video. Divide your audience into different segments and shoot videos for each of them.

No brand broadcast

Often you can find commercials, after which the product is remembered, but not the company. Create and use your own corporate identity that would be associated with your company.


This task is suitable for recognizable companies that have been operating in the market for a long time. Also suitable for content projects, for example, for companies offering educational products (trainings, seminars, webinars, conferences). Such companies need to create free video content, which with the help of a funnel smoothly leads the user to pay. As an additional tool, you can use discounts and bonuses. Another option is to record interviews with speakers of the future event, who briefly talk about their reports.

Video format selection

Moreover, if we talk about videos and its graphics, they are classified as follows


This video format is an enumeration of various methods, tools, services, etc., useful to the audience. In no case should such commercials be of an advertising character, but rather talk more about the culture of use. For example, a web studio marketer who talks about useful tools that he uses in his work. Or a representative of a travel agency who talks about the most popular cities that are worth visiting by lovers.


This format is similar to collections, its only difference is that the whole focus is only on one specific product, a detailed overview of its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Often it takes the form of a screencast – screen recording. 

Video info graphics

One of the most difficult and expensive formats. It is relevant to use for companies that want to transfer a large amount of information in one video. For example, an animation listing various telephone sales scripts.

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