Video Motion Graphics: What Types of Video Motion Graphics Out There?

Video Motion Graphics: What Types of Video Motion Graphics Out There?

An explanatory motion graphics video is one of the best ways to, worth the redundancy, explain a concept, change, service, etc., to your market. This happens because this type of dynamic content is very attractive and at the same time generates a higher Engagement, as well as a higher conversion rate.

This is why more and more companies decide to use explanatory videos as part of their marketing strategies. Within the world of explanatory motion graphics videos you can find different categories, although we are going to explain the main 5 so that you can create an explanatory video easily and so that you can obtain better results.

Video motion graphics: What should you keep in mind?

If you are thinking of using explanatory videos for your website or your online store, you should know that there are basic points that you must take into account. The following 3 are the most important points:

  • Objective: The first thing to keep in mind is the objective. Why do you want to do video motion graphics? For this there are many options to select from, from boosting your sales or generating more leads to reducing the bounce rate or introducing a change or a new service or product to the market.
  • Design: Another basic point when creating an explanatory video is the design. For this you must consider two things: the type of explanatory video that you are going to do, as well as the narrative line that you are going to follow. Remember the importance of being congruent with both points to achieve hooking the user since only quality content will be successful.
  • Others: Don’t forget to take into account other points such as Call to Action, optimization, platform, etc. You have to take into account all these aspects for your video to be successful because they will be the key when creating a quality explanatory video.

Thanks to the explanatory videos, your business can enjoy various advantages that will boost its growth. If you are still not convinced of the power of video marketing, we advise you to take a look at why your business needs explainer videos.

Types of motion graphics

Animated videos with characters

A good idea to create an explainer video is to use animated videos with characters. The characters manage to give it a more human touch because there is someone who explains what we want to say. This ensures a greater engagement with the user by identifying with the character.

These types of animated videos are usually used when you want to explain a complicated concept or a process or service. Typically, a story with an introduction, a problem, and an ending is told following a relatively short narrative guide.

Animated videos without characters

The main difference from the previous type of video is the fact that when creating an explanatory video at this point you do not need characters or people. All videos focus on the use of objects and motion graphics to explain concepts.

These types of videos are usually more technical since graphics are used as part of the animations. They are generally best suited for explaining topics related to numbers, statistics, and other data. A flow or a process is usually followed as if it were a diagram.

Screen recording

Although these types of videos are not usually animated, it is an animation or a screen recording focused on explaining processes related to a computer or web page. They can be used to explain how you can register or log into a platform. There are apps like Loom that help you easily record screen. But best of all, it’s free!

In this type of video we can use other elements that help to perfect the screen recording. For example, we can add Custom video animations and other objects such as arrows and statistics that facilitate understanding of the concept. We must avoid that the recording looks blurry or cut to maintain the quality of the video.

Mobile apps

As in the previous point, the animated videos in this category focus on teaching us how certain services or processes work or how they are carried out. For this reason, creating an explanatory video can be useful, for example, to explain how a mobile application works both in general and specifically.

If you are launching a new augmented reality mobile app, you should consider creating an explanatory video to explain how it works. If for example you have a mobile coupon application, it could be perfect to create an explanatory video that teaches the user how to use the application or how to register.

Animated videos with real objects

One of the most original ways to create explanatory motion graphics videos is by using real objects and real videos combined with animations. In this way we obtain a real motion graphics video, which does not look so cartoonish but in which elements are mixed that make it visually attractive.

This type of video is widely used in businesses with values ​​such as status and elegance. For example, if you have a clothing or watch business, you can combine real elements with animations. Another good idea would be to create an animated-real explanatory video if you are addressing a young audience, since these types of videos tend to attract their attention a lot.

Benefits of using explainer videos

As you can imagine, creating an explainer video can be quite useful for your business. These videos can generate a large number of benefits that significantly improve the numbers of your business, especially if it has an online presence. As we can see in this Europa Press article, explanatory videos are in fashion.

For example, you may realize that one of the most striking benefits is to increase Engagement with your users. This means that people will be much more likely to visit you and stay longer on your website instead of leaving, thus reducing the so-called bounce rate.

Increase in leads

Another benefit of explanatory motion graphics videos is the increase in the amount of leads produced, and in many cases, in sales. In addition to all this, you can improve the experience on your website, something essential if we want Google to improve our SEO position.

As you can see, creating an explanatory video can bring incredible benefits to your company. These range from users who stay longer on your page to more leads or sales. There are no more excuses for not taking advantage of these benefits. Creating an explainer video is much easier when you already know the types of explanatory videos that exist today. You can also read our article on the advantages of using explainer videos to see other benefits of using animated explanatory videos in your marketing strategy. If you need other marketing services, you can consult a Digital Marketing and Ecommerce agency

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