Welcome to Seattle – the hub of tech business

Welcome to Seattle – the hub of tech business

Welcome to Seattle, the hub of the aircraft, aeronautics and technology; home to Microsoft, Boeing’s Renton Plant, Washington Mutual, Amazon Inc. and the nation’s favorite coffee chain Starbucks. It ranks among the largest cities in the northwestern United States and is the largest northernmost city in the nation too.

Seattle is a major seaport city on the Western coast of the United States and is the seat of King county in the state of Washington. The population as of now is 755, 745 residents and is also the largest city in the state of Washington.

In July 2013, it was the fastest-growing major city in the United States of America and remained in the top 5 in May 2015 with an annual growth rate of 2.1%. It retained the same phenomenon in 2016 with an annual growth rate of 3.1%.

A brief overview on the city’s economy

Seattle’s first major industry was logging. In the late 19th century following the Klondike Gold Rush, the city became a commercial and shipbuilding center, owing to its seaport and served as a gateway to Alaska. After the Second World War, the growth started again due to the establishment of the Boeing company which made the city a hub for Aircraft manufacturing and completion of the Space Needle, a local monument.

Onwards from the 1980s, the city of Seattle developed in a hub for technology, where companies such as Amazon and Microsoft were established. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is a citizen of Seattle by birth. The city is also home to the major airline Alaska Airlines, based at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in SeaTac, Washington (between Seattle and Tacoma).

Between 1990 and 2000, a surge in new software, biotechnology & internet firms led to the city’s economic revival. It added almost 50,000 residents to the city’s population between 1990 and 2000. Because of this, both the State of Washington and Seattle have some of the highest minimum wages in the United States, with $15/hour for small and medium businesses, and $16/hour for large organizations.

The current business landscape is dominated mostly by large organizations, with five companies from the 2017 listing of fortune 500 making the cut. The one’s headquartered are internet retail giant Amazon, multinational coffee chain Starbucks, retail store giant Nordstrom, freight consigner Expeditors International of Washington and forest products company Weyerhaeuser.

Other large Fortune 500 companies based in Seattle are based in nearby cities and suburbs based on the nearby Puget Sound. Among them are Warehouse club retail chain Costco (based in Issaquah), Software giant Microsoft (based in Redmond), Truck manufacturing giant Paccar (based in Bellevue).

Other firms based in Bellevue include T-Mobile US and Expedia Inc. Redmond is home to the IT industry, and apart from Microsoft, Nintendo of America is also headquartered there. Renton is also home to Providence Health & Services apart from Boeing’s aircraft manufacturing division.

Seattle has a reputation for a heavy coffee consumption. Apart from Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Tully’s are headquartered in the city. Independent coffee shops and custom crafted espresso roasters are also based in the city and are quite successful.

Brief overview of Seattle’s demographics

The city in its early days was inhabited by Native Americans for almost 4,000 years. Then came the European settlers. Arthur A. Denny and his group of settlers known as the Denny Party arrived from Illinois via Portland on the sailboat Exact, at Alki point on November 13, 1851.

The settlement later shifted to Elliot bay’s eastern side and renamed it Seattle, in honor of Chief Si’ahl of the local native American Duwamish and Suquamish tribes. Currently, apart from a white majority, the city has high concentrations of Asian Americans, Scandinavian Americans, Native Americans as well as a thriving LGBT community.

Telephone area codes of Seattle

The area code 2016 is a North American telephone area code working in the state of Washington. It is assigned to the numbering plan area (NPA) including the cities of Seattle, Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. The islands of Bainbridge, Mercer and Vashon and portions of Seattle metropolitan area from Des Moines to Woodway use it as well.

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