Which pool and spa water testing technology is best?

Which pool and spa water testing technology is best?

Are you looking to test your pool for chemicals and water quality? Do you want to assure that the water in your spa is at optimum level? Well, you have to be very careful with the use of these facilities and assure that the chemicals are in right proportion. Else, you may do more harm to your health than good when stepping into the water. 

There are a number of different technologies used for testing the quality of the water. The two most common ones are drop test and strip test. Both have their own pros and cons with some people preferring former while others going in for the latter. While it is all a matter of preference, here are a few things to consider when selecting the right testing technology.

Test strips

The swimming pool & spa test strips are one of the most popular options for testing pool waters. As they are easy to use and provide you the simplest way of testing your pool water, most of the people prefer using these strips over the traditional water drop tests. The strips can give you accurate results but they are sometimes disliked because of how fragile they are with the test outcomes. One has to get the supply from a reliable vendor and use these strips with absolute care in order to get appropriate result.

Using the expired strips of the ones made in inappropriate ways won’t give you the results you are looking for. So, it is critical for a person to get the right test strips.

Some pros of using these strips are:

  • Always buy strips from a reputable supplier
  • Never use the expired strips. They may work but they won’t give you the best results
  • Keep the strips out of moisture and never touch the container with wet hands
  • Make sure there is no residual chlorine or bromine on your hands when using strips
  • Never touch the ends of strip before using because it will contaminate the pad

Liquid or drop test

The liquid or drop test is a traditional way of measuring the chemical levels in the pool or spa water. Unlike the swimming pool & spa test strips that requires immersion in the water, you have to take out the sample from the water in a transparent glass. Add the drops of the testing liquid as instructed to the sample water and wait for it to change the color. Then, match the color with the given legend to get details about the chemical levels. 

Some benefits of using liquid drop tests are:

  • Results are a bit more accurate as there is no worrying of contaminating the strip or chemicals
  • Easy to calculate how much addition of chemical is required to bring balance

So, these are the two popular technologies used to measure spa and pool water. Regardless of which test you use, assure that you are following the instructions appropriately and acquire supplies from the best supplier to end up with the right results.

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