Why Is Technology Important To Writers In 2019?

When you think of a writer’s work place, you imagine heaps of paper-work, an old dusty type-writer, along with heaps of pens and pencils. But reality is different than all that as gone are the days of sticky notes hanging all over a wall in your room because textuality and technology go hand-in-hand in the modern age. Not only technology has turned hours of work into minutes, it’s also made managing and tracking it very much easier.

Though technology has helped improve writing since the invention of type writer in mid-19th Century, in recent years it has helped and improve writing in ways that were unimaginable a few years ago. We will be looking at ways Technology has improved writing and how you can incorporate technology in order to improve your writing. Some of these are as follow:

  1. Improved Research and Tracking.
  2. Improved Grammar.
  3. Improved Editing.
  4. Improved Collaboration.
  5. Improved Reading.

Let’s discuss further how technology has improved above mentioned writing aspects.

Research and Tracking

Long ago, when a writer had a great idea or when a student was asked to submit an assignment, their most painful experience was conducting appropriate research. And tracking your progress and research was like going through a desert on a snail’s back. But Technology has improved research and tracking as hundreds of thousands of books and literature work is now available through E-Books and online libraries. What once required hours of going through pages, now only needs you to search the keywords or key aspects you’re looking for.

Grammatical Excellence

Consider this, if you’re looking for information on how to create a Wikipedia page for a brand, no need to go through dictionaries to find proper meaning, usage, antonyms or synonyms of a word. All you need to do is type in the word in a search engine, and watch it do your work for you. Other than that, there are many top grammar software’s that are available online, and they help you improve your grammar immensely. These software help you check for broken sentences, repetitive or filler words, as well as providing plagiarism check.

Improved Editing

Though you might be good at proofreading and editing, but keeping track of your editing and improving your literary work is a hassle. Writing softwares have helped extensively with proper tracking of changes, and outlining mistakes.

Collaboration Made Easy

Collaborative writing a few years ago was a nightmare, sending through your writing though mail or talking on the telephone. Technology has vastly improved collaborating with a fellow writer through shared docs, emails and calling services. For example if you’re writing with a friend, then you can easily chat through a social network, or share your part of a project through online and email services.

Easy Reading

Technology has immense contributions to readers. Such as the invention of E-books and blogs. E-books allow you to scroll through thousands of different genres and hundreds of different authors and select whichever you want to read. Invention of automatic, environment friendly LCD or LED screens are another contribution technology has made not only to reading, but writing as well. Whether it’s broad day-light or late hours of the night, you can easily scroll through, or optimize your screen according to your comfort.

In Conclusion

Technology has made it possible for writers to take huge leaps without any waste of time. Whether you’re writing, collaborating, editing or worried about your grammar, invention of programs and tech has made it easy for you to achieve your goals without going through any hassle.


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